Our Mission: Creating a Unified Voice in Support of Wildlife Conservation in Texas.

The 2015 Eco-Summit Series

Howdy Everyone,

The Coalition is pleased to host a statewide series of listening sessions that we're calling the 2015 Eco-Summit Series!

Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas’ goal is to serve as a true coalition for Texans concerned with the current state of wildlife conservation. This summer, the Coalition will sponsor five, full-day forums in a city near you so we can introduce the Coalition, provide members with relevant information, and encourage Texans to provide their input regarding conservation issues. It is our mission to build a large chorus of support for healthy land management and to serve as the one-stop-shop, information pipeline regarding wildlife conservation issues.

At each Eco-Summit we'll host listening sessions, and facilitate collaboration between local and regional organizations.  Attendees will include individuals involved in creating the Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP), such as land owners, TPWD biologists, academia, conservation organizations, and elected officials. The Eco-Summit will follow an adaptive format, providing biologists a stage to speak on pressing issues with-in the host eco-region and allowing attendees to share their input in small breakout sessions. We are also excited to generate conversations on implementing the Texas Conservation Action Plan as the document is scheduled for revision soon.  (More information on the TCAP can be found here).   It is important to continually revisit the myriad of conservation issues so that new solutions may form or adapt to unforeseen roadblocks.

At each Eco-Summit, you'll have a chance to talk about your priorities for your area, and to work with others to advance your goals, and that of natural resources in Texas.

Weslaco: July 10th

Fort Davis: July 18th

San Antonio: July 24th

Fort Worth: July 31st

Houston: August 11th

Click here to register for an Eco-Summit near you!

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