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The Houston Eco-Summit ReCap

Howdy Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who attended the Houston Eco-Summit on last Tuesday. Transcribing notes from the Houston breakout sessions has proven time consuming due to the high level of participation from all of the attendees! Following Jaime Gonzalez’ presentation on local wildlife conservation issues, attendees chose topics for the afternoon breakout sessions. Topics included, Public Engagement and Youth Involvement, Alternative Conservation Funding, Invasive Species, Habitat Loss and Fragmentation, Urban Wildlife Issues, Urban Prescribed Burns, and Human-Wildlife Conflicts.

A special thanks goes out to all of the speakers and the staff at the Houston Zoo for helping produce such a great event!  Be sure to check out the new Western Lowland Gorilla Exhibit if you are in the Houston area.

The 2015 Eco-Summit Series was a huge success and provided the Coalition with great input regarding a myriad of conservation issues across the state. Attendees, be looking for a follow up e-mail containing notes from your Eco-Summit and an invitation to share your contact information among your fellow registrants.

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