Our Mission: Creating a Unified Voice in Support of Wildlife Conservation in Texas.

The Post Oak and Prairie Journal


Making information about our ecoregions available to the masses is certainly being True To Texas. Coalition member Crosstimbers Connection has created the first journal dedicated to the Crosstimbers and Blackland Prairie Ecoregions. The Post Oak and Prairie Journal features articles that cover the full spectrum of natural history in the area.  Information on the soils, hydrology, plant communities, and other components of these eco-regions provide insight to those with interests in local land and wildlife management issues.  I encourage everyone to check out this free journal as it written for professionals, laypeople, and every form of naturalist in between. The inaugural issue of the Post Oak and Prairie Journal is available at http://www.crosstimbersconnection.org/PostOak-PrairieJ-Jan2015.pdf.  

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