Our Mission: Creating a Unified Voice in Support of Wildlife Conservation in Texas.

Welcome Bat Conservation International!

The Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas coalition is growing! The newest organization to become a member of the coalition is Bat Conservation International (BCI). This fantastic group, which has been around since 1982 and is based out of Austin, is "devoted to conservation, research, and education initiatives involving bats and the ecosystems they serve" not only in Texas but across the globe.

BCI has been responsible for some truly amazing feats throughout the years including securing permanent protection of many of Texas' largest bat populations (including the Bracken Cave and Congress Avenue Bridge populations), supporting training for graduate students and wildlife managers in over 60 countries, creating major television documentaries, and protecting over 10 MILLION bats every year.

We are truly proud and grateful to have Bat Conservation International say they are True To Texas!

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