Our Mission: Creating a Unified Voice in Support of Wildlife Conservation in Texas.
Jul 3

2015 Eco-Summit Series Update

Howdy Everyone,

There have been several inquiries regarding the format, speakers, and the agenda of the Eco-Summit Series. We are still finalizing speakers for Fort Davis, however I am happy to announce that we have confirmed speakers for the other Eco-Summits. The tentative agenda for all Eco-summits is as follows:

Tentative 2015 Eco-Summit Series Agenda

8:00 a.m.

Eco-Summit Sign-in Starts

9:00 a.m.

The State of Wildlife Conservation in Texas. (Speaker dependent on Ecoregion)

John Davis- TPWD Wildlife Diversity Program Director

Richard Heilbrun- TPWD Wildlife Conservation Outreach Program

Michael Warriner- TPWD Nongame and Rare Species Program Leader

10:00 a.m.

The Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas Coalition. 

Rob Denkhaus- Director of Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas

11:00 a.m.

The State of Wildlife Conservation in the Host Eco-region.

Weslaco - Stephanie Galla- World Birding Center State Parks Habitat Biologist

Fort Davis - Deirdre Hisler- Davis Mountains Project Director- The Nature Conservancy

San Antonio - Annalisa Peace- Executive Director Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Fort Worth - Jack Tidwell- Environment & Development Planning Professional, Former NCTCOG Manager of Environment & Development

Houston  - Jaime Gonzales- Katy Prairie Conservancy

11:50 a.m.

Pre-Lunch Poll

Outcome dictates afternoon Breakout Session 2 topics



1:00- 2:20p.m.

Breakout Session 1:

Concurrent Small Group Discussions

Topics vary by Ecoregion


Breakout Session 2:

Concurrent Small Group Discussions

Topics vary by Ecoregion

Please encourage others to register for an Eco-Summit as there are still seats available! Click here to register for an Eco-Summit near you.


May 22

The 2015 Eco-Summit Series

Howdy Everyone,

The Coalition is pleased to host a statewide series of listening sessions that we're calling the 2015 Eco-Summit Series!

Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas’ goal is to serve as a true coalition for Texans concerned with the current state of wildlife conservation. This summer, the Coalition will sponsor five, full-day forums in a city near you so we can introduce the Coalition, provide members with relevant information, and encourage Texans to provide their input regarding conservation issues. It is our mission to build a large chorus of support for healthy land management and to serve as the one-stop-shop, information pipeline regarding wildlife conservation issues.

At each Eco-Summit we'll host listening sessions, and facilitate collaboration between local and regional organizations.  Attendees will include individuals involved in creating the Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP), such as land owners, TPWD biologists, academia, conservation organizations, and elected officials. The Eco-Summit will follow an adaptive format, providing biologists a stage to speak on pressing issues with-in the host eco-region and allowing attendees to share their input in small breakout sessions. We are also excited to generate conversations on implementing the Texas Conservation Action Plan as the document is scheduled for revision soon.  (More information on the TCAP can be found here).   It is important to continually revisit the myriad of conservation issues so that new solutions may form or adapt to unforeseen roadblocks.

At each Eco-Summit, you'll have a chance to talk about your priorities for your area, and to work with others to advance your goals, and that of natural resources in Texas.

Weslaco: July 10th

Fort Davis: July 18th

San Antonio: July 24th

Fort Worth: July 31st

Houston: August 11th

Click here to register for an Eco-Summit near you!

Apr 14

Coalition Member Update


The Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas membership is steadily growing. Some of you may have noticed Facebook posts highlighting new members as they are being added to this growing chorus of support. We currently have 47 total members consisting of 41 organizations and 6 businesses, representing over 159,000 Texans!  Member group types range from a sorority to a gas station. The diversity of these initial members is truly astounding and reflective of the broad base of support that wildlife has here in Texas.

Feel free to recommend potential members to the coalition by e-mailing the coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or even better, recruit new members on your own by encouraging others who believe in healthy wildlife populations and habitats to join through the website. We appreciate all of your support and let’s continue to see what we can do for wildlife!

Feb 7

The Post Oak and Prairie Journal


Making information about our ecoregions available to the masses is certainly being True To Texas. Coalition member Crosstimbers Connection has created the first journal dedicated to the Crosstimbers and Blackland Prairie Ecoregions. The Post Oak and Prairie Journal features articles that cover the full spectrum of natural history in the area.  Information on the soils, hydrology, plant communities, and other components of these eco-regions provide insight to those with interests in local land and wildlife management issues.  I encourage everyone to check out this free journal as it written for professionals, laypeople, and every form of naturalist in between. The inaugural issue of the Post Oak and Prairie Journal is available at http://www.crosstimbersconnection.org/PostOak-PrairieJ-Jan2015.pdf.  

Nov 15

Welcome to Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas!

Over 40 years ago, a wise man named Barry Commoner wrote about what he termed the “4 Laws of Ecology”. The first law is that in nature “Everything is Connected to Everything Else”.  That is a pretty simple, yet eloquent, statement that summarizes the idea behind being True To Texas.  Conservationists have long understood this “law” as it applies to the natural world but have, in many cases, been unwilling to admit that it applies to conservationists as well. 

TWW: True To Texas is a statewide coalition of groups and businesses, within a much larger nationwide coalition, who feel that everyone in our state benefits from healthy wildlife populations and wildlife habitats.  While coalition members have many different interests and motivations, all feel that it is important that we band together to show support for wise wildlife conservation in Texas. 

What TWW: True To Texas hopes to accomplish is to make people realize that wildlife and wildlife habitats are important to each and every one of us and not just hunters and birdwatchers.  TWW: True To Texas strives to connect everyone to everyone else and provide a unified voice in support of healthy wildlife populations and habitats in the Lone Star State.  We hope that your group or business will join us!

What TWW: True To Texas hopes to accomplish is to bring people who are connected in their belief that wise wildlife conservation is worthy of support together to show how important it is to our state.  It doesn’t matter if your particular wildlife interest is to improve game populations for hunting and fishing purposes, preserve endangered whooping cranes and Houston toads, or just to enjoy the birds on the feeder outside your kitchen window.  What does matter is that you appreciate wildlife and are willing to show your support by encouraging your group or business to join the coalition to show that you are True To Texas!

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